CD: Das war ich / Bol som to ja 
Franz Schubert 

foto: Jakub Gulyas, design: Matej Lacko

„Das war ich / Bol som to ja“ is based on the title of Schubert’s song. It is a confession, identification with one’s own identity – of one’s authentic being. The aim of this recording is not a vocal exhibition through well-known works. This dramaturgical concept brings a new perception of classical song through the confrontation of musical and philosophical statements that connect the inner message of self-acceptance and self-discovery of a man. As a vocal performer and at the same time a multimedia artist, Peter Mazalán works in his projects with various disadvantaged groups of people – people with autism spectrum disorder, seniors, LGBTI. This CD is thus a continuation of his activities, which shift the classical interpretive tendencies of vocal art.