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Unterreise is a is a performative ongoing project. Project created with songs by Franz Schubert situated in space. The core of this piece lies within solitude and its reflection.

Premiere took place in the old heating hall of Faculty of Architecture at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, designed by Emil Belluš in 1940s. This raw industrial site with hall-like characteristics turned into a stage of an inner journey, shared with the visitors of the performance, with the performer moving and interacting with them. Scenography utilizes the available light and live visuals. Original song texts are projected during the performance. Translations of the German text into language respective to the place of performance are projected as well. Premiere featured original translations of the lyrics into Slovak made by Denkzeug members.

Premiere: 31. 7. 2016 / Fakulta architektúry STU_Stará kotolňa / Length variable: 45-60 minutes
Concept – performers: Peter Mazalan (baritone) / Martina Šimkovičová (visuals) / Piano: Maroš Klátik