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Symptom: Child is a theatre – concert in four scenes inspired by children´s songs composed by Liadov, Musorgskij, Stravinskij, Schumann and Brahms. Robert Schumann described his piano composition Scenes from Childhood, which is also performed in this project, as a retrospective reflection of an adult for adult.  The irresponsibility of the child’s stage of life in the 19th century was liken to an immediate and a capricious nature. Natural scenery was one of the main themes for the art of that time.  Child´s naturalness and perspective have bocome an ideal state, which should be achieved by adult´s  desire to reach the best.

What kind of escapes a modern human being is looking for? What does it mean to play a game?

Premiere: 22. 6. 2017 / Dvorana VŠMU, Bratislava / Length: 50 minutes
Concept – performers: Peter Mazalan / Eva Šušková / Piano: Xénia Jarova, Peter Pažický

With the financial support of: Bratislavský samosprávny kraj (Bratislava Self-Governing Region)