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Requiem op. 90  is a special performance for one spectator. It is an adaptation of Requiem, op.90 – vocal composition by Robert Schumann.
The work is a free continuation of the Urlicht / Primal Light project, which was presented at the Kiosk 2020 festival. The work was based on sensitive communication and reception. Its goal was to bring to recipient a supersensible experience and introspective immersion. The direct contact of the spectator with the piano – its vibrations, sound and the immediate proximity of the human voice created a uniquely strong moment and emotion for one spectator or a couple.

It is two years since we have lived through a period of special uncertainty. For several weeks now, there has been a new period of fear and threat. Requiem, op. 90 is a song / prayer by Robert Schumann that becomes a breath of audience in the performance. It is our own breathing, which we hear and feel. At one point, however, it stops.


Duration: 10 minutes


Music: Robert Schumann, Fero Király
Directing, concept, stage: Peter Mazalan
Voice, performance: Eva Šušková
Choreography: Petra Fornayova
Lighting design: Boris Adamčík
Production: Projekt Batyskaf o.z.

Videotrailer: Peter Frohlich
Foto: Robert Tappert


Premiere: Pakt, Bratislava 26th of March 2022