foto: Radovan Dranga

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Decameron / Silent Generation is a collage of five intergenerational dialogues which analyzes the importance of the senior in society from several perspectives; his memory, insight and experience. The concept of the production was created before the pandemic which (finally) brought new layers of meaning to the final shape.

Some scientific research on group and choral singing from a mental and physical health perspective suggests that singing and synchronizing voice and breathing are beneficial to the body in addition to the psychological and social aspects of life. Group singing can also have therapeutic value for people who have long-term health problems.

Just as sorrow usually comes after the greatest joy, so sorrow ends with joy,
which follows it. (Giovanni Boccaccio: Dekameron)

Boccaccio’s renaissance text is associated with a rare real stories in the production,
which grew here into the quiet music of human voices.

Production, concept, stage: Peter Mazalán
Performers: Magdaléna Blahušiaková, Milada Synková, Jana Oľhová, Annamária Janeková, Verona Kita Mazalanova, Felix Kita, Francesco Machats
Členovia Speváckeho zboru mesta Bratislavy,
Singing: Eva Šušková
Theorba, guitar: Jakub Mitrík
Dramaturgy: Miro Dacho
Costumes: Simona Vachálková
Choreography: Petra Fornayová