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Bluebeard´s Castle  (1911) is an analysis of a well-known legend, which in a dramatic retelling of a story without a specific time space is a statement about human fear, secrets and the suppression of one’s own desires. This story could be a dream – we don’t know. At the time of Bartók’s work, Freud’s psychoanalysis and later Jung’s psychotherapy became a tool for discovering human life from within. Arts, philosophy and science were closely linked at the time.
The symbolic story, which the author himself describes as the „theater of the soul“, is nowadays becoming a personal dynamic psychotherapy.
We all have stories we don’t talk about.

Premiere: 18. 9. 2019 / Primate´s Palace Bratislava / Length: 60 minutes
Concept – performers: Peter Mazalan / Eva Šušková / Piano: Peter Pažický / Visuals: Ján Šicko /  Sound: Pjoni